Brittany + Josh: 5.22.10

Brittany and Josh were the first wedding of the season with LG Imagery.  I have known Brittany for awhile as she is friends with my little sister, her older sister was in my class in high school, and her older brother's wife was a softball coach at my high school.  Needless to say...I know Brittany well, she looked absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and her wedding went so well!

Getting Ready:

The Groom:

The Happy Couple:

The Rings:

The Flowers:


All images were produced as a second shooter for LG Imagery. Please contact Lana Greving, Owner of LG Imagery for all wedding and engagement questions.
Phone number: 712-541-9047




This past Sunday, Luke and I were on our way back from Okoboji and dropping of the Waverunners Luke's friend Nick let us borrow on our vacation at Lake Shetek, when we got a heart breaking phone call.  My mother-in-law, Ruth, told us that they found Saide laying by the barn and she couldn't walk, and she thought she probably needed to be put down.

When Sadie was about 1, she would be about 6 now, she was hit by a car and the wheel of the car ran right over her stomach.  She was lucky she lived, but developed a tumor in her adominal cavity.  When Lana took her in this past Thursday to get her shots, the vet said that the tumor had grown to the size of a football and nothing could be done about it.  It wouldn't hurt anything until it started pushing on other organs. 

Well, we called the vet and took Sadie in to be looked at.  He told us that Sadie probably wouldn't make it through the night and we could either take her home or have her put down.  We all decided to have her put down.

So we went back to the farm and were digging where we were going to bury her and I got stung by a bee, twice.  Luke got stung once and Lana's boyfriend Travis got stung as well.  What a way to continue the day....

So this post is in tribute to Sadie. She was greatly loved by everyone and everyone is going to miss her alot. I was especially looking forward to the time we moved out the acerage and she could go on more walks with me. Luke and I had plans to take her camping more often, swimming more often, and just being around and outside to play with her more often once we moved there. I am very sad we won't be able to do that. We love you Sadie baby!