Family Christmas Card

While shuffling all of the holiday events my siblings and I were able to get in a picture for the Christmas card.  With a brother who likes to pick on his big sisters, especially Abby, because he knows she won't take it as well:)  It's comical and frustrating at the same time to use the self timer to try to get that one good image for the card! We managed a decent one this year.  I am just thankful we are all here after Jon's scare with his football injury.  I love them all and I don't know what I would do without my siblings!!


W Family

I have photographed the W family before and they were just as fun this time as the last!  The Monday following our weekend shoot they finalized the adoption of little B.  They are now an official family and a cute one at that!  I realize that I take what I have a for a family for granted so many times.  Looking at these guys and what they have gone through to get where they are today makes me so grateful for my loved ones.  My challenge to you today is to think about your family and thank God for all he has given you. Once you start, it's hard to stop!