Darrell & Jen: Details

I don't normally photograph weddings on my own, but Jen and Darrell were alittle different.  Jen is a good friend of mine and was comfortable with me not having lights or an extra set of equiptment.  While the day was not exactly what I planned for (weddings never are though:) ) It was great.  I had a ton of fun and the couple and wedding party were amazing!  Here are some detail shots.


W. Family

You may have seen these guys on the blog before.  They are so loyal and I have been doing their pictures for a few years now.  I am so grateful for them and for being so wonderful!   Thanks guys! Can't wait to continue to capture the growth and personalities of your kids!


V. Family

When I photographed this family, I had only met mom.  She was my supervisor during my practicum and is now a fellow co-worker.  I was able to learn about her family before even meeting them.  We had a little bit of a windy day, in late fall, but were still able to find some good spots for pictures.  They were troopers and I had a lot of fun with them! They have a beautiful family. 


B. Family

These guys are also family friends and my sisters and I (and yes, even my brother) have watched these little kiddos since they were babies.  They are so smart and so funny.  I love being around them and their parents.  The little guy was going to be turning 5 soon after our shoot and so he had to show me how old he was going to be:) Such cuties!


H. Family

I have known the H family for a long time and remember when the younger girls were litttle!  It makes me feel old!  This family is big into farming and wanted to incorporate that into some of their pictures.  They were also willing to trust me and I said I wanted to take them to a 'junk yard' in town.  We had a lot of fun and got a lot of great pictures!


V. Family

Rachel is a fellow therapist and she is absolutely amazing.  Her and her family went through a hard time when little Hayden was born, spending time in the NICU.  Once the little guy was home, I got to do some family pictures! 



Keaton's 1st Birthday

Keaton is my cousin's little boy and when they were around this summer, right around the time he turned 1, we did his pictures and had alittle party for him! He makes the best faces!



Playing Catch-Up

Well, it's been some time....SOME time...try 7 months right?!  A LOT has happend in the past 7 months, which explains some of why I am so behind.

The following posts are my attempt to get caught up and share with everyone what I have been workinng on.

I have great clients who are loyal and all around amazing.  I could not be more blessed and I am so thankful all of them!


Dee Senior 2011

Dee rocked her session and I had so much fun with her! She is stunning and I don't think I have seen anyone rock the smile and serious look both as well as she does!  These are some of my favorites but it was so hard to choose! 


Tenora and Family Continued

Since I am missing my friend and her boys lately, I thought I would post another of the second session that I did with them.  We had some additional kiddos in these and I love how they turned out!


Yep, he is naughty....:)


Tenora, Hudson and Trapper

Tenora is a dear dear friend of mine and I love her two boys to death!  Later this summer, I am blessed to have the priviledge of being Trapper's Godparent.  It's been almost two months or more since I have seen the little guys and I miss them dearly.  I have done a few sessions with them.  Here are a few from our very first one!

Tenora and Hudson

 Tenora and Trapper

What a cutie pie!! Love him!

Yes, the water was more interesting the whole session than I was.

Trapper, my soon to be Godson! Love him too!


Kelsey Senior 2011

I can't believe my baby sister just graduated! I was so excited to do her senior pictures and had many opportunities to do so. We were able to do about 4 different sessions and I got to play with a lot of ideas. I am so happy with how they turned out and Kelsey looked BEAUTIFUL! (I know I'm biased but COME ON.....SHE LOOKS GREAT!!!) I love you Kels!

P.S. Go Huskers! :)