Black and Whites

These are a few black and whites that I have laying around in my files.  Thought I would share something a little bit different than portraits.




As it snowed last night, I was looking back through my pictures of the summer. Here are a few of the sunflowers that I grew and are now drying to try eat the seeds!  As much as I am going to miss summer, I really do enjoy winter! I love the snow, cuddling up by the fire, and wearing warm clothes and lots of blankets.  But to honor summer and all of it's fun times....some colorful images to brighten your day!



K Practice Session

My baby sister is all grown up! We did a few practice pictures quick last weekend and here she is looking more beautiful than ever!


W Kids

I love these two!  Little J is a spitfire and little I is so attched to her momma! 


Baby R

This little cutie is just that! A little cutie!!


B Family

The boys of this family were nothing but energy and ran around K's farm all evening!  They were able to sit still for a few moments to capture a few images, but were frankly more interested in the kittens, horses, dogs and gravel pit!  Little E was a doll and trying hard to keep up with her big brothers.  She is going to be a tough girl!



A and E

This couple is SOOO cute! I love them! They were game for anything I suggested and we had many laughs during our session.  I would photograph these two anyday as they were great to work with, and look at them-they are so cute together!